It All Started Out With a Bang!

No theory here, just deep space thinking……  If you’ve read any of the posts over the past months the phrase Safely Working Environment has popped up from time to time.  It is one of the overall elements describing the mission of The Safely Working Project.  More importantly, it represents the brass ring for employees and supervisors using sensible care in the workplace.

In mentioning the Safely Working Environment it has been paired with “Safely Working 100% of the Time.”  Sensible care is also integral to Safely Working and building the Safely Working Environment.  But to this point we’ve only alluded to what it is and how it can be realized.  Taglines and slogans are empty without a practical and sound basis.

There are 6 aspects or dimensions that shape the Safely Working Environment.   If one dimension is ignored the Environment fails.  Just like the element “carbon,” it would not be carbon if it didn’t have 6 protons. (That’s the limit to my chemistry background.)  The aspects that contribute to safely working are:

  • Activities
  • Awareness
  • Avoidance
  • Abilities
  • Attitude, and
  • Assets

Each aspect has its own inherent requirements and implications for achieving a Safely Working Environment.

The various dangers in a workplace must be recognized and described based on the Activities and the conditions to which employees may be exposed.  Awareness of those activities in the workplace determines what knowledge and information is needed to control dangers.  Avoidance encompasses the need to do what it takes to prevent mishaps either by elimination or control of the conditions and activities.  What we understand so far, is that a good knowledge of the workplace is essential to establishing the Safely Working Environment.

The remaining aspects reflect what employees and supervisors need to contribute to Environment’s framework.  Knowledge of the workplace determines the information and training, fashioned as skills.  The skills represent the Abilities an employee needs to be able to complete a job safely.  An employee’s personal values will affect their behavior and their Attitude.  Finally, Assets represent employee lifestyle goals…… what’s important to them.  It’s probably why they work in the first place.

The Safely Working Project firmly believes that these aspects are all required elements for Safely Working 100% of the Time.  Nothing less than 100% is acceptable.  None of this is new.  None of this is rocket science.  All of this is sensible.  The Safely Working Project is providing the concepts and tools to assure employees and supervisors are able to do their work with sufficient care to guarantee their lifestyle goals.

Check back on January 6 for the announcement of our theme for 2015 as well as an offer to help you begin to build a Safely Working Environment in your workplace.


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Is Safety Sexy?…… and other questions of the Universe!

With the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on the past 6 months since the announcement of The Safely Working Project.  It’s been an extremely busy time as what started out as a concept over 12 months ago has grown into a fully developed program and system focused on employees and supervisors Safely Working 100% of the time.  Not that it was all created in that time, because so much of it is derived from notes and content I developed over the past 25 plus years.

There are moments I wonder if it’s worth the continued investment of time and money.  If Facebook and LinkedIn “Likes” and “Followers” were used as a bellwether I’d be a greeter somewhere.  Yet, the “Introducing The Safely Working Project Tour” this past fall suggested otherwise.  Presentations and conversations were all positive and feedback encouraging.  As a result, I continue to be very excited and passionate about the Project.

However, my passion alone is not enough to promote The Safely Working Project to the level I’m targeting.  The challenge is two-fold.   The first is to prepare an effective message.  That’s within my control.  The second is to develop a receptive audience.  There’s the rub as it’s mostly outside of my ability to control.  Why is that?

A good catchy message should generate interest and with some work, propagate itself if it’s meaningful and helpful.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple as there is a substantial perception issue to transcend.  In reality, safety is not very exciting.  Not only that, safety is anathema for some employers.  I’m not saying they are against being safe.  They are rightly or wrongly biased against what “safety” represents to their business operation.  Just mention OSHA to an employer.  That’s what they think when you talk about “Safety.”  I don’t believe there’s enough smoke and mirrors to change that perception.

Consequently, I need to concentrate on the message.  More than that, I must dissociate The Safely Working Project from the maligned perception of “Safety.”  To tell the truth, that has been part of the design from the beginning.  The Safely Working Project is focused on employees and supervisors using the active ingredients in the Safety Stew including training and leadership.  (Take a minute and read this post.)

“Safety” has traditionally been trickle down…..lots of responsibility resting on just a few. But everyone has responsibility for Safely Working.  That’s why The Safely Working Project is about “Safely Working from the Ground Up!”  That’s our message.  We will continue to make the case for Safely Working 100% of the Time.

Oh, by the way…… the answer is no, safety is not sexy.   We’ll have that talk another day.


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