Time for a Recap. Actually, it’s quite overdue……

Time for a Recap, although a nightcap sounds better!  It’s been several weeks since the last substantive post about The Safely Working Project.  Now that the snow has melted it’s time to recap what we’ve covered and what you might expect in the coming weeks.

The Safely Working Project is all about building and maintaining a Safely Working Environment.  We introduced it in “It All Started Out With A Bang!”  In short, the environment consists of 6 aspects that shape the Environment.  These are Avoidance – Activities – Awareness – Abilities – Attitude, and Assets.

Activities were described in “Safe 6 ‘Approved’ MOTELS……”  The MOTELS represent the variety of activities and conditions in the workplace that may present some level of danger to employees.  Go back to the original post and you’ll see it’s pretty self-explanatory.  However, it’s one thing to have a list of potential dangers, it’s another to sort through them and figure out how likely they are to be a real problem.  An upcoming post will address in simple terms how to judge the degree of danger associated with any of the MOTELS.

Several posts discussed Safe 6.  If you remember we recommended that Safe 6 be the one rule to rule them all in the workplace.  This is because it is a universal definition of the skills and abilities employees can use to be safely working.  If you want to review this go to the Safe 6 Pack post.

Little has been said about awareness so far.  That’s not because it isn’t important, because it is very important.  Awareness is the foundational knowledge and information an employer needs to build the Safely Working Environment.  We’ve purposefully dragged our feet on this topic because it is more of an under the hood” discussion.   We intend to get to that information soon.

Avoidance of mishaps is another area that’s been neglected.  On one hand, it should be obvious why mishaps and the resulting injuries must be avoided.  They are expensive, very expensive.  Yet, for many employers avoidance represents their efforts to ignore safety measures and training because of the expense and impact on productivity.  You can expect a post laying out the costs of mishaps.

The last two aspects of the Safely Working Environment are assets and attitude.  While the first four aspects depend on the employer to manage, these two are more representative of the employee’s character and expectations.  While we haven’t discussed these two in any detail, they are the subject of our 2015 theme – Safely Working Protects Your Lifestyle.  We’ve summed it all up on our new Poster.  Check it out.  We’ll probably put it to words sometime this year.

There you have it…… actually, there are number of other posts planned that are more “under the hood” in nature but reflect efforts an employer will inevitably address as they build their Safely Working Environment.  Look for posts about the Priorities of Safely Working and Employee Training – Where to Stop – Where to Start.

See you soon!!!!!!


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