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Free Training Tool For Workplace Safety

toolbox3 (Small)What is it?  “Safe 6” – A Simple Tool for Effective Employee Training for Safely Working.

Who is it for?  Trainers, Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, Employers and Safety Professionals.

Why use it?  Because no training is needed, it’s easy to use, it organizes training and it’s universal.

How do you use it?  Make “Safe 6” the Rule!  Introduce with fanfare, or integrate it slowly into your program.  Use “Safe 6” as a template and focal point in training for program development, preparation, delivery and evaluation.

Where can I get more information?   Click this button and you’ll have access to everything you need!

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Why is it free?  Because The Safely Working Project is dedicated to help make sure employees are “Safely Working 100% of the Time.”

Safety Should Not Be Proprietary!

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