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A Drum Roll Please……

znpWhile The Safely Working Project efforts began in earnest two years ago, it was just one year ago that we started to share the fruits of those efforts.  Besides the guidance published on we have travelled to conferences from West Virginia to Rhode Island promoting The Safely Working Project.  We’ve been encouraged along the way by everyone we’ve met.

The concepts of Safely Working™ and Safe 6® have evolved and remain a work in progress as we endeavor to bring as much clarity to the Project as possible.  Recently, we revealed the elephant in the room—Safely Working™ as a ValueAs simple and obvious as that is, it is truly the single most important element of The Safely Working Project.

From early on, The Safely Working Project was built on six parts: knowledge, activities, skills, communication, supervision and environment.  We have been developing simple and sensible guidance for each of these.  The intention has been to provide organizations that have no safety staff or safety professional simple tools and direction so they can build a Safely Working Environment for their employees.  That’s where employees are 100% safe 100% of the time. We’re pleased with our progress.

Now we want to share an important decision we’ve made as a result of that progress and the maturation of The Safely Working Project.  All along we’ve recognized that The Project represented a novel collection of guidance and information.  We also knew that it was important that it be organized and designed to be easily utilized by an organization.  We’ve been doing that with the objective of combining all six parts into a system.

Drum roll please—We’ve decided to call it the Safely Working System.  Sure

, it’s not very exciting.  But, it really named itself over the past year.  It just makes sense.

In the coming months we will be formalizing the Safely Working System.  We will identify gaps and target areas we have over-done to build a simple and lean system to assure a Safely Working™ Environment.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


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While we believe what The Safely Working Project is promoting is useful to all employers and safety professionals, our efforts are directed at those small businesses that can’t afford or don’t have a safety professional to facilitate workplace safety.

The Safely Working Project envisions a path to workplace safety that is driven by employees and supervisors.  This is fundamentally different from the traditional Safety Program where an EHS Professional manages workplace safety.  So, instead of top down safety, Safely Working™ endeavors to succeed from the ground up. “We’re turning safety upside down.”