The Safe 6 Pack

Speaking at ASSE Chapter meetings and hosting tables at professional development conferences has helped me understand how Safe 6 is perceived.  It has been important for me to be a good listener, not just to whom I’m speaking but, to myself.  As a result, these opportunities have helped me recognize I need to do a much better job describing and communicating what Safe 6 represents and its real value.

So, as a result of this interchange and discussions with others I took some time to explain how supervisors can leverage Safe 6 to their team’s benefit.  This effort has resulted in 6 part series that make up “The Safe 6 Pack.” You can access all 6 parts here:

Part 1:  Safe Work Practices, Back to Basics…… Really?

Part 2:  You Heard That Right…… Do It All The Time!

Part 3:  Safely Supervising…… The Most Important Part of My Job!!

Part 4:  Either You’ve Got It…… Or You Don’t. Tough Luck If You Don’t!!

Part 5:  Safe 6 Under the Hood…… Who Needs to Know?

Part 6:  Lifting the Hood on Safe 6

If you want to sit back first and learn more about The Safely Working Project, just watch the following video.  It is a reasonably complete overview of The Project.

       An Introduction to The Safely Working Project

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