The Safe 6 Pack

Speaking at ASSE Chapter meetings and hosting tables at professional development conferences has helped me understand how Safe 6 is perceived.  It has been important for me to be a good listener, not just to whom I’m speaking but, to myself.  As a result, these opportunities have helped me recognize I need to do a much better job describing and communicating what Safe 6 represents and its real value.

So, as a result of this interchange and discussions with others I took some time to explain how supervisors can leverage Safe 6 to their team’s benefit.  This effort has resulted in 6 part series that make up “The Safe 6 Pack.” You can access all 6 parts here:

Part 1:  Safe Work Practices, Back to Basics…… Really?

Part 2:  You Heard That Right…… Do It All The Time!

Part 3:  Safely Supervising…… The Most Important Part of My Job!!

Part 4:  Either You’ve Got It…… Or You Don’t. Tough Luck If You Don’t!!

Part 5:  Safe 6 Under the Hood…… Who Needs to Know?

Part 6:  Lifting the Hood on Safe 6

If you want to sit back first and learn more about The Safely Working Project, just watch the following video.  It is a reasonably complete overview of The Project.

       An Introduction to The Safely Working Project

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The Safely Working Project is focused wholly on employees and their health and well-being in the workplace.  The Project promotes useful guidance that does not depend on a safety professional or staff to facilitate in the workplace.

The Safely Working Project envisions a path to workplace safety that is driven by employees and supervisors.  This is fundamentally different from the traditional Safety Program where an EHS Professional manages workplace safety.  So, instead of top down safety, Safely Working endeavors to succeed from the ground up. “We’re turning safety upside down.”