Safely Working FAQs

What is the Safely Working System?

The Safely Working System is the integration of Safe 6 into an organization to achieve a Safely Working Environment.


What is a Safely Working Environment?

It is a workplace culture where each employee strives to work 100% safe 100% of the time using Sensible Care.


What is Sensible Care?

Sensible Care is what employees use while Safely Working.

  • Sensible – demonstrating good sense or judgment
  • Care – effort applied to do something correctly, safely, or without causing damage


What is Safely Working?

  • Working is an Activity
  • Safely is a Description
  • Working Safely is an Expectation
  • Safely Working™ is a VALUE


What is the difference between Safety and Safely Working?

  • Safety is a Science
  • Safely Working is a Value


What is MOTELS?

MOTELS is a mnemonic for a standardized grouping of conditions and dangers in the workplace.  Employees protect themselves from these dangers by using Safe 6.

  • Material Handling
  • Organizational
  • Tools and Machinery
  • Energy
  • Location
  • Substances


What is Safe 6?

Safe 6 is a personal EHS Management System

  • Recognize All the Dangers – Know the Task
  • Prepare and Organize the Workspace – Gather Everything Needed
  • Inspect and Check the Equipment – Eliminate the Unexpected
  • Control the Conditions and Remove Dangers – Make it Safe
  • Engage and Execute Skillfully – The Do’s
  • Guard Against Mishaps – The Don’ts


Can I use these concepts in my organization?

We encourage you to promote Safely Working and Safe 6 in your workplace.

You will find additional content on this website,, and in our online forum “The Safely Working Community” at  We encourage you to register in the forum before you download or create your own documents using Safely Working™ guidance and concepts including Safe 6 and the Safe 6 logo.

Whether you register or not, we ask that you follow the requirements below:

  1. The use is for your own place of employment.
  2. You do not charge a fee or other compensation for documents you download or for the use of Safely Working guidance and concepts including Safe 6.
  3. You understand and acknowledge that The Safely Working Project is not responsible for how the guidance is used and applied in your workplace.
  4. The user acknowledges The Safely Working Project as the original source on your printed materials by including this statement:  “Concepts and graphics used with permission of The Safely Working Project.  For more information go to”
  5. Send electronic copies of the documents you produce to The Safely Working Project.  We are interested in how you are using the information.
  6. Help promote Safe 6 by introducing it to your colleagues and associates.

If you have any questions please contact us by email:   snooper(at)



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“Safe 6” and “Safely Working” are registered trademarks.

The Safely Working Project is focused wholly on employees and their health and well-being in the workplace.  The Project promotes useful guidance that does not depend on a safety professional or staff to facilitate in the workplace.

The Safely Working Project envisions a path to workplace safety that is driven by employees and supervisors.  This is fundamentally different from the traditional Safety Program where an EHS Professional manages workplace safety.  So, instead of top down safety, Safely Working endeavors to succeed from the ground up. “We’re turning safety upside down.”